philosophyThe corporate culture, values and business objectives are the foundation for our partnership. We tailor all our services to ensure that what we do is aligned with your organization and people and achieves the highest possible impact.

Managing Change

A change project has three key elements: clearly defined objectives, measurable success criteria, and predefined timelines. These elements are developed with the client and are the basis for a detailed action plan.

Get the ball rolling
Sometimes it is difficult to define the official start of a project. The most important and often the biggest challenge is to create a "sense of urgency". At times the need arises from the individual; at other times management recognizes the need first. Regardless of how the momentum starts, it is inevitable that resistance to change will emerge and will need to be addressed and overcome. Given this, it is useful and important to have the project plan in place, for reference and to use as a guide.

Never lose focus
Each change process needs to be actively managed, otherwise the implementation may start to slip. "Time outs" to reflect on the process are helpful. They aid in gaining the consensus of key stakeholders and realigning commitment when necessary. Given that the process is fluid, correction measures are often spotted and implemented. In addition, people development initiatives may be necessary, in order to integrate the changes into the behavior of the employees.

We offer fluency in German and English and proficiency in French, allowing us to work across the globe.

Inspires Change

The change initiatives that make the difference will be those that are subscribed to by both the individual and the organization; set into motion with a concrete plan; and regularly reviewed to ensure success. Our values, methods and competences help you achieve this.