philosophyGrey is all theory. However theory is sometimes essential and in addition each change project is different, divers and unique as life itself. Sometimes we are faced with some unpredictable challenges which need to be solved.

Please find below a selection of our recent projects*:

• ‚Managing Change' Projekte

Cultural change project to enhance client focus
A government department lacked a client focused culture and the new leader wanted to change that. We began with workshops for the leadership team, in which we discussed the need for change and then defined what a client focused culture in this specific organization should look like. To embed the change initiative all employees participated in an off-site workshop where they were involved in developing concrete actions on how to become more client focused on a daily basis. During the implementation process, which lasted over three years, the process was supported by continuous workshops with the leadership team to steer the cultural change. On a yearly basis we ran an off-site to ensure that the whole organization stayed focused and motivated. The off-site also gave the opportunity for successes to be celebrated.

Critical feedback to the management team in an employee survey
An internal survey revealed problems in certain areas between the management and the employees. Through individual interviews we completed a more in-depth situation analysis. In a workshop we presented the results to the management team, then discussed and defined improvements. Afterwards we presented the results from the interviews as well as the action list from the management workshop to the employees. We accompanied the implementation over several months.

Crisis in a team
A team had a conflict with the team head and at some point in time it had escalated to the extent that immediate action was necessary. We interviewed all team members as well as the team leader to better understand the latitude of the problem, thereby identifying the root cause. Together with the management team and HR we discussed solutions . Due to the long history of the conflict and the destroyed trust the team leader left the team and got a new job.

Reorganization to reduce the number of direct reports
All managers of a department had too many direct reports, making it impossible for them to effectively lead their employees. Together with the managers we analyzed the situation, discussed different structures and then made a proposal to the managing director. After the decision was made to introduce the new team structure we began the implementation process. The new team leaders were recruited out of the pool of employees and we then started the process of creating smaller teams. In addition we trained the team leaders in leadership and management skills. This was the first time that the team leaders had received tailored training.

Mentoring Program
A mentoring initiative started its second year. At the kick-off we gave a speech about networking to show mentees as well as mentors potential areas to learn from each other. Throughout the one year process we designed and facilitated several workshops for mentees and mentors, in order to enhance the effectiveness of the program. For the mentees the focus was on setting their objectives, to benefit fully from the mentoring program. The workshop for the mentors focused on exchanging their experiences. In addition we reflected on the different mindset needed as mentor. As leaders they problem solve, as mentors they require a discovery mindset, thus enabling them to be the thought partner of the mentee. The program concluded with a final event for mentees and mentors. The program was closely monitored throughout to ensure a successful transfer of learning for the next programs.

• Leadership Development

Development and implementation of multiple leadership curricula across several industries. The classical topics were covered: leadership and management, female leadership, performance discussions, communication, conflict management, change management, team development, self-branding, positioning yourself, mentoring.
The programs were delivered in Switzerland, Europe, APAC, Africa, North- and South America and always included a mix of participants from the region.

• Coachings

Several coaching sessions with individuals at various management levels, across a range of industries.

Over 400 individual coaching sessions in weekly executive programs across the globe based on 360° feedback instruments (e.g. from CCL 'prospector', 'benchmark' and tailor made 360° instruments).
360° Qualifications: MBTI, CCL (Prospector, Benchmark), ESCI (Emotional Social Competency Inventory), Firo B, SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory)

• Speeches

  • The foundation for change processes
  • The role of communication in change processes
  • Power and politics
  • Networking – more important than ever?
  • Networking and communication
  • Will you ever have a voice at the table?
  • Self branding is key – how to position yourself?
  • How to handle conflicts
  • How can you ask the right questions!
*according to our confidentiality agreements some of the examples are slightly modified.


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