philosophyImagine change initiatives that start with the individual, that are implemented quickly and effectively, and that ensure the commitment of the organization. The focus of this change is grounded in practical, hands-on implementation. Our passion and core strength, combined with your commitment, will make this difference.

• Transitional Space

Only with a certain distance from daily business can we reflect on ourselves, our behavior and our potential to change. We need time, space, open-mindedness and tolerance to reflect, to try new things and to decide on the next move, as well as to practice. We call this special kind of atmosphere "Transitional Space", in which people will feel safe and willing to take risks and practice new behaviors and skills. The basis of such an atmosphere is trust which enhances the experience.

From the "Transitional Approach to Change" by Gilles Amado and Anthony Ambrose, page xix:
'The transitional approach is not a set of management techniques that can be learned as modules and applied in some automatic manner as a way of controlling or manipulating people. Indeed, it is not about controlling people at all. It is a basic attitude towards people that stems both from the psychosocial perspective … and also from ethical considerations.'

• Sustainability

For change to be sustainable, we need to make sure that we maintain the energy of the change over the life time of the change. This requires an in-depth debate about the desired change all the way from the leadership of an organization through to the individual. Sustainable change is only possible if we allow enough time for it and are prepared to endure the inherent ups and downs of the process.

• Support and Responsibility

We have only one aim: to support our clients in achieving success and with it, more satisfaction. In addition responsibility and accountability are key behaviors for success and we ensure that all parties involved live up to these.

• Perception and Awareness

"We can not NOT communicate!", said Paul Watzlawick. Constantly - through our senses and our intuition - we collect information and impressions which lead to an impulse that we then act upon. The more aware we are of those impulses, the more we are in control of our thoughts, feelings and convictions. This helps us to be more aligned within ourselves, so we can best achieve our potential.

• Enthusiasm, Motivation – Commitment – Endurance

It is not enough to know what we need to change, we need to do it! It is as simple as that, but nevertheless very challenging, as daily business shows. Knowing "what" we need to change is not enough, more important is knowing "how" to change. Enthusiasm, determination and endurance ensure that we are creating "lasting change". For us it is crucial to ensure that responsibilities are clear, goals are defined realistically, and momentum remains high. With tailored and focused follow-ups we will ensure that the expected difficulties, lack of energy or focus, resistance etc., can be overcome.


Inspires Change

Isenschmid Consulting inspires the change which leads to success.